According To The Twitter Machine

I recently decided to go to twitter and try out their nifty “Poll” feature to let my followers weigh in on who they prefer. With no set guidelines on what was actually being judged I listed the four most popular names in mainstream rap today; those being Drake, Kendrick, J Cole and Chance The Rapper,

Twenty-four hours later, and fifty-five votes later, we have our winner.

Receiving 35% of the votes was the 6 God himself to lead the pack. Kendrick tallied up 29% of the votes was a close second which left me a bit surprise that third place was reserved for Cole, who seems to have the most significant twitter following to the naked eye, My main man Chance was left at the bottom recieving only 12% of the votes, as expected though, the Chicago native has always been a bit under appreciated in my eyes.


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