Cause We Wanna Be Them, and They Wanna Be Us

Nowadays NBA basketball and Rap Music go hand in hand. Whether it be artist’s front row at games, rappers who act as team executives, or paparazzi photo’s of the today’s superstars on stage with rap legends, rap and basketball are almost synonymous in pop-culture.

Curious to find out which NBA star your favorite rapper resembles? Your St. Bonaventure Men’s Basketball team weighs in:

Drake – LeBron James 


There’s not much debate about this one. There’s not a name on the list that can top Drizzy. He’s hands down the greatest in the rap game right now, the same spot King James holds on the court.

Kendrick Lamar – Russel Westbrook

Think back to that verse Kendrick dropped on “Control”. Going at everyone’s head with no regard for anything but his own dominance. Sound familiar? Russ’s play on the court directly mirrors Kendrick’s flow on the mic.

Chance The Rapper – Kawhi Leonard

Underrated and Underappreciated are two words that come to mind when speaking on both Chance and Kawhi. Each of which are masters at what they do, yet neither of which gain enough credit and respect for their craft. Maybe it’s the fact that neither of them boast much and remain unprecedentedly humble for the kind of position their in and draw no attention to themselves like our society is so accustomed to seeing. Regardless, if you agree or not we know Chance is perfectly fine rocking the black and white.

Rick Ross – DeMarcus Cousins   

Who’s the biggest boss here? It’s not just the physical stature of Rozay that draws comparisons, but the demeanor of Cousin’s on the court seems eerily similar that of the one Ross carries around with him from studio to studio. No matter who’s song he’s on, you’re gonna make sure his presence is known one way or the other.

 Quavo – Stephen Curry

Right now, I’m not sure any of these make as much sense as this selection. As part of a star-studded rap trio that forms Migos, Quavo often finds himself separated from his teammates solely because right now he CANNOT miss. Much like Steph who is gains much more attention than the rest of the stars he is surrounded with because of his ability to catch fire on the court, every verse Quavo lays down right now seems to set the streets on fire.

Meek Mill- Melo

As much as I hate to do this to Melo, him and Meek share a little more than the letter M. In fact, they share one letter no one likes to have attached to their name; an “L”. Take away from his year of glory when he burst onto the scenes with “Dreams and Nightmares,” Meek hasn’t found much success in his professional career. Sounds familiar right? Like winning an NCAA Championship at Syracuse as a Freshman and doing nothing in your professional career but well…lose? Sorry Melo.

Future – Kyrie Irving

 It’s only right. After teaming up with Drake for “What A Time to be Alive,” we couldn’t help but give Future the “Super-Star Sidekick” title. Is he good enough on his own? Absolutely for sure. Does he sound a lot better with a world class teammate on a project with him? undoubtedly.

J Cole – Kevin Durant

Easy Money Sniper! There’s not much bad to say about J Cole. Sure, some people might voice some displeasure with his work but is there ever any substance to their complaints other than because he’s great? I mean that is everyone’s favorite reason to hate nowadays. On the court we all know Durant is all about his business, and recently we have learned that he’s not afraid to speak his mind even if it might be an unpopular opinion, much like all of Cole’s music. You might not love either of the two, but you have to respect them.

Kanye – Dwayne Wade 


You can’t argue this one. Kanye has been great. And great for a long time. He’s won his championships like Wade did in his time before the Big 3, he’s gained the respect of the people, he would make a lot of peoples “Rap Hall of Fame,” much like Wade will end up in the basketball Hall of Fame but it seems as if the end is near for both of their careers. It’s been a good run, fellas. Much love and respect.

Jay Z- Kobe Bryant 

Out of pure respect for the game and the man on the throne himself, Jay Z is the greatest of our current time. Kobe changed the game, there was Mike before him, but there was Tupac and Biggie before Jay. In this era no one can dethrone the CEO of the R.O.C. and as great as LeBron may seem, Kobe is still that guy. Although neither have been around much as of late, the respect for what they’ve done is still there.





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