Calm as the Ocean

This track by Calvin Harris isn’t necessarily raw with emotion or lyrical genius. It is however, one of my favorite songs currently to listen to on the road, and is what I believe to be the start of a big summer for Mr. Harris. “Slide” has all of the makings to be a breakout track, as it combines Harris’ smooth beats with two of the most popular artists in the game right now, Frank Ocean and Migos. The basis of the track is about a person who wants to “slide” into a wealthier person’s life. On the track, Ocean starts out with vocals that are as smooth as only Frank Ocean can do, proclaiming that “All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark,” meaning that no matter how flashy the person is, it doesn’t show when the lights are off, and their true character shows. Quavo serves as a bridge between an R&B and hip-hop style, as he urges to “put the spotlight” on the person, which leads into him take her with him, despite what her friends think of him. Finally, Offset delivers the final blow; a hot-off-the-tongue verse in which he explains how carefree his life is that he does not care about the person’s past as he has one of his own. In fact, he’s so carefree that he’s “Ridin’ with no brain, b**** I’m out of it.”

Harris has proclaimed that he is done with making full-length albums, saying that he plans on releasing a number of singles throughout the summer. Already, in addition to “Slide”, he also has released “This is What You Came For,” which features Rihanna, and “Heatstroke,” which includes Young Thug, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell Williams. All three of these songs are good, and with more to come, 2017 could become the summer of Calvin Harris.

-Nate Coble


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