A Word From Our Reader ft. Nate Coble



Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT

When K. Dot dropped his highly anticipated album Damn., I was among the people who had to listen to it. I’ve been a fan of Kendrick’s since Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City and thought that To Pimp a Butterfly was an all-time classic. When I first heard DAMN. It was like a breath of fresh air out of Kendrick. Lately, it seems like mainstream hip-hop has taken a direction towards and R&B-type feel. I’m not opposed to this at all, especially when it comes to albums like Drake’s More Life. Kendrick hadn’t dropped a full album in nearly 2 years; and he came with a vengeance, with songs like “HUMBLE”, “XXX (feat. U2)”, and “DNA” which went all-in on various subjects.

Surely, a number of tracks on this album will have some mainstream success (“LOYALTY” feat. Rihanna, and “LOVE” feat. Zacari are some others), but my favorite track on the album is ELEMENT. When it comes to songs I like it checks off all of the boxes; it has meaningful lyrics, a smooth beat, and a catchy hook. I think the reason I like this song the most is simply because it is a song I can play over and over again in the car without getting sick of it, which means a lot to me. Not only is this song easy to drive to, but the lyrics tell a tale of a Kendrick who will do anything to stay at the top, including taking shots at those who act like friends when really they are trying to bring him down. Kendrick with DAMN. has the rap game two another level that nobody can touch. As he proclaims it, “Last LP I tried to lift the black artist. But there’s a different between black artists and whack artists.” You Kendrick, are far from a whack artist.

-Nate Coble


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