Caleb’s Song of the Day / Location – Khalid

I’m not sure there’s a song on the charts right now that’s as smooth as this Khalid track. 

The 19-year-old kid recently released his debut album “American Teen,” and has been gaining more and more of a following every week as his hit “Location” climbs up the Billboard Top 100. 

The song itself speaks to something everyone born from 1995- on can relate to. 

“The term ‘Send me your location,’ was kind of the ode to the digital era that we’re all going through. Everything is just so controlled by phones now. It’s kind of a sense of irony because it’s like, ‘Send me your location so we can focus on communication face to face,” Khalid writes on his Rap Genius commentary.

“It’s like, You know what? Let’s actually talk in real life instead of all this phone s***,” continued Khalid. 

The young artist has become a little bit fed up with the way people work nowadays. Only wanting to text and send emojis back and fourth rather than have a real conversation. 

“Everyone is just so comfortable behind their phones. We all feel the need to text everything that we feel and sometimes I feel like as individuals we lack empathy,” wrote Khalid. “to connect someone in the form of intimacy, I feel like it’s really necessary to kind of pick their brain, face to face, and see their reaction. Instead of seeing their emoticon.”

If the wonderfully crafted lyrics weren’t enough, Khalid does us a huge favor by explaining this all to us so there is no confusion on what he really is trying to get at. 

The message he has is important and one that I personally relate to very strongly. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I am guilty of subtweets just as anyone who is reading this is as well. I am guilty of sending long late night texts rather than calling someone and asking to see them in person because I knew the first option was easier.

Khalid addresses this idea as well in his second verse where he belts out the lines, “I don’t wanna fall in love off of subtweets, so Let’s get personal, I got a lot of cool spots that we can go.” 

In his annotation, Khalid explains a situation he had in his own life that inspired these lyrics. 
“I remember at the time, we were talking to each other. She would always subtweet me and I would favorite it and I know it was about it. I would subtweet about her, she would favorite it, and we just kept going back and forth between this. I’m like, “I’m tired of this s***.” You can tell me all of this stuff over subtweet but you can’t text me how you feel about me? That was kind of the push to send me your location. Let’s talk in person and you can say what you were subtweeting me to my face.” 

When I first heard the song I played it over and over, the chorus was stuck in my head for weeks. Reading the annotation by the artist himself only made the song resonate that much more to me. 

Good work, young bull. 


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