Song of the Day: Fear, Drake. 

If you have followed drake from his start it’s likely you’ve become familiar with this “So Far Gone” mixtape he released in 2009. Whether you heard it when it dropped or have gone back to listen since the Canadian artist has blown up to be the music icon he is today, the point is you have heard it.

The tape is the first we saw of what would become known as “Heartbreak Drake” where his lover boy reputation would sprout from. Many of the songs deal with the raw emotion of his love life, the girls that he fell out with and the feelings that he is left with. 

The track Fear, was not initially a part of the project was later added to the tape. In the song we see a side of Drake that he never really showed us up until this point. To this day I feel as if this is the realest the artist has ever been with himself and his fans.

Dealing with heartbreak, the artist isn’t afraid to admit that “I be getting high to balance out my lows.” Although this may not seem like much, to Drake this is the first time in his career he was open about his use of marijuana. Unlike many rappers and artists today, his music is not heavily focused on drug use. HE later mentions that “I know I pop bottles because I bottle my emotions,” which is another effort for him to get over the hurt he has been left with.

For someone who has always been conscious of what people think of him and what people say about him, Drake leaves nothing out even saying himself “welcome to my realest year ever,” and that maybe the “honesty of his music has left him too exposed.”

I envy Drake for this track. His fearlessness to record the track about exactly what he is feeling and how he goes about dealing with it is something many artists would never do. I admire the fact that when I listen to the song I can relate to much of what he is saying and that nothing is hidden behind the mask of a public figure. In this track Drake is just a human dealing with the emotions we have all felt. 


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