Megan Gagnier’s Song of Heartbreak



One song that means a lot to me is Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend. My sophomore year of high school I got my first real boyfriend, it was a really pivotal point in my life when him and I broke up after a year of dating, my first heartbreak. I was really into alternative music; I didn’t like to listen to the top twenty songs like most of the other girls my age. Vampire Weekend was one of my favorite bands at the time and Hannah Hunt is a slow paced song that builds up to a powerful chorus which somehow fit all of the emotions that I was feeling at the time. One of my favorite things to do is make a playlist for songs that I really like listening to at a certain point in my life and listening to them later, I love hearing a certain song and having it bring up memories or emotions that I was feeling at the time that I listened to them a lot. So now, when I go back and listen to my playlist that I made sophomore year of high school, Hannah Hunt begins to play. I remember the night that I had my first heart break and all the bittersweet memories of it.


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