Migos Culture is Here To Stay

It was over 4 years ago when Drake introduced Migos to mainstream hip-hop fans with a club banging remix of their hit single “Versace”.

It seemed as though everyone knew the song, but there wasn’t much attention paid to the rap trio responsible for advertising the Italian luxury fashion brand to an entire generation who might have never heard of it if had it not been for the hit.

Fast forward to the winter of 2017, and Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are household names, and their bars and verses are blaring through speakers everywhere.

The group, which formed out of Lawrenceville, Georgia, has had it’s share of hits since dropping “Versace”, including Fight Night (2014) and Look at My Dab (2015), which both cracked the Billboard Top 100, but it’s recent release of their second full project titled “Culture” has catapulted them into the stardom they have long been deserving off.

It seems unusual that yet another trap-style artist would takeoff in today’s music scene since the criticism has been that no one makes “real music” anymore, but the uncanny style of Migos, who has anyone ranging from your 8-year-old brother to your extremely conservative uncle reciting lyrics about cocaine and guns is definitely here to stay.

The trio, who has the #1 album out right now uses their own slang and punchlines in their songs and has mastered the art of delivery so that their hooks can never leave your head. Something as simple as “Raindrop. Droptop, Smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox,” which sounds silly to read, would get your head bobbing as soon as it is said on a Migos track, with a Migos beat.

“Cookie,” of course referring to a popular strain of marijuana known as “girl scout cookie,” but hey, your little brother doesn’t know that, and neither does your uncle.

Migos does the same in the second most played song on their album titled “T- Shirt.” Quavo, who has arguably become the most popularized of the three, jumps on the hook with a repetitive “Mama told me not to sell work. Seventeen five, same color T-shirt.” I’m sure you’ve heard the lines and maybe even had them stuck in your head after leaving the Reilly Center after a basketball game. But who knew you were referencing prices of a kilo of cocaine for the low of $17,500, and drawing a further connection to the white of your “T-Shirt” to the pure white of the powder.

With the way the Migo gang has been picking up, it seems as if every artist wants them on their track. The group has been featured on Big Sean’s latest album that released Feb. 3, as well as Post Malone’s debut album titled Stoney, which had Quavo lay down a smooth verse on “Congratulations” which has also climbed to the top of the charts.

Whether it’s your kind of music or not, Migos has found a way to implement their trap style into your everyday life without you even knowing it. But this wasn’t the first time they’ve started a trend, Migos can also be credited with starting the “dab”, you know that dance move you first saw Cam Newton do when he scored a touchdown, or the one you see every kid in America doing when they get some TV time? Yeah, chalk that one up for the Migo gang too.


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